Monday, March 15, 2010

Pinehurst Day 2 - Course #7

Our shuttle ride to Course #7 took about 10 minutes. Some of the guys wore their knickers and gaudy golf attire (see below). Most of us were playing from the Blue Tees again, which was playing about 7100 yards. The weather was perfect and the rain held off!

Course #7

Hole 18 on #7

Kentucky vs Tennessee - SEC Tournament (UK won by 29! - Go Cats)

Are these guys golfers or Skittles?

Ben and Wade at Course #7

Results from Saturday AM
JJ (88) and Fred (95) +1
Adam (73) and Udai (91) -2 ($5 a piece)

Andy (76) and Eric (101) -2 ($5 a piece)
Frank (77) and mike (91) +1

CP's Adam and frank ($3 a piece)
Skins Fred, Andy, Eric, Adam, Adam ($14 a piece)

Results from Saturday on Course #7
Frank (88) and Craig (DQ injury) +12
Jimmy (90) and Wade (96) +2 ($7 a piece)

Fred (96) and Adam (76) -6 ($15 a piece)
Eric (113) and mike (120) +14

Ben (99) and Andy (80) +4
Gary (96) and udai (98) +8

CP's Andy, Andy, Jimmy ($6 a piece)
Skins Fred, Gary, Gary, adam, ($19 a piece)

Dinner at Holly Inn
We had an 8:30 PM reservation for dinner at our hotel but it turned out to be "too long" of a dinner. The meals were served very slowly and everyone started dropping like flies, even some skipping dessert. We were going to play cards but most were too tired to continue their night. The dinner experience at The Carolina was much better!!

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