Friday, February 27, 2009

Check Out These New Tiger Woods Commercials . . .

Very cool! Which one do you like best? Hard to choose!


What's New for 2009 is excited to be back for it's second year in existence! In our first year we have had golfers throughout the United States plan golf trips in over 15 states and 1 overseas! We also have been receiving great feedback from you guys, which makes the site even that much better!

We have recently made some feature updates to the website! You can now copy a trip so you don't have to re-enter all the information and golfers. We have added a weather section that will appear on your dashboard when the trip is within 10 days. The trip leader has to make sure their golf trip location is entered and this is a very cool feature as we're always wondering what the weather's going to be like during the trip! And, we just added the ability to enter your handicap as an index number, which allows you to enter them with decimal points. This was a feature requested by several of our users.

Don't forget to visit our Travel affiliates on the website as they can assist you in creating and quoting your next golf vacation! Then you can track that golf vacation on!

Lastly, has teamed up with Scott Jessee of Swing Reminders to create a Golf Trips & Tips Podcast Show. This will be a bi-weekly show discussing the various golf trips we've been on, are planning to go on, golf tips from Scott, and much more. So, look for our new podcast to come out sometime in March 2009!